April 8, 2023

    A new website is born! 

    If you’re reading this, I appreciate you taking the time to check it out. 

My old website was scrapped and I’ve been a bit reluctant to build a new one, but here it is! I’m always working on something art-related, and have been posting most of my projects on social media in lieu of having a proper online portfolio. I’ve decided that I want to keep my updates here instead, however I’ll be posting links periodically to this page from now on. I feel like things get lost in the miasma of status updates, and I plan to keep this as more of a curated progress pinboard. No followers, no likes, no ads. Just what’s new in my little art corner of the world.

Thanks again for visiting, and stay tuned! I promise it’ll be fun.





Here you will find all of my latest news, current projects and weird experiments. Enjoy!